Are Citizen Watches Good? Check the Quality First

Are Citizen Watches Good?

If you ask a real watch lover, he will describe Citizen as sheer excellence and art. The brand was introduced more than 88 years ago, and it is still known for its high quality and best technology. If you don’t know, let me tell you that the company was firstly established from the 1918 Shokosha Watch Research Institute. 

During the year of 1930, the company took the name Citizen and made it one of the biggest watchmaker brand in the world. Its headquarter is in Tokyo, Japan, and has a gross revenue income of more than 3 billion dollars each year. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why Citizen watches are best for all.

Why Citizen?

Citizen has won many awards for its technology and creativity. Its production plants are available in India, Mexico, Germany, Hong Kong, and South Korea. The watches and all the other products are made with 100% precision and craftmanship. Apart from that, there is a separate department to do quality assurance. The brand ensures that each piece produced from the company maintains its core values and protocol. Also, it is not very expensive. Such watches will fit in your budget, and you won’t find this type of commitment from another watch brand at this price range.

Citizen watches are more prevalent among men. But, when you go to the market and explore the products, you will find out that there are plenty of options available in the women’s category. There are all kinds, including gold, silver, diamonds, digital, analog, electric, etc. and you will not disappoint with any! The makers are so confident about their watches that they give a 5-year warranty on many products. So, even if your watch stops working due to a manufacturer issue, it will be fixed or replaced easily.


If you own a Citizen watch, you may know how long it can survive! My watch is not mine actually; it is my grandfather’s! Yesss. These watches can be given for generations, and the best part is that they don’t compromise with their beauty. My watch looks as pretty as it was when purchased. 

The latest version of the Citizen watches, which is known as the Eco-Drive line, can automatically recharge the battery. It takes help from the sun and the light in your home and kept it going. Imagine having a watch’s battery you don’t need to change for 20 years! It’s hard to believe, right? Well, with Eco-Drive, it is possible.

Not only watches, but Citizen is also famous for its calculators and other small electronic organizers. It also manufactures handheld TVs and computer printers, but they are not as popular as watches. Each product is as best as others when it comes to its longevity.

Are Citizen Watches Have Good Quality?

Choices and satisfaction levels are subjective. Still, there are no second thoughts among customers, watch enthusiasts, and collectors when it comes to Citizen watches. Some people have used words like ‘great’ and ‘best’ for the watches. Also, these watches are loved by all. They are not luxury watches but doesn’t look cheap. In fact, some of them are a fashion statement. It is also the current official timekeeper of the US Open.

Citizen delivers quality watches that are reliable and long-lasting. You can get a watch at less than $100 and more than $500, whatever you prefer. In short, there is ‘n’ number of ranges to choose from! Citizen Eco-Drive is a famous and well-known, well-accepted, and well-respected solar technology in the watch industry. Eco-Drive by Citizen is considered as one of the best solar watches technology currently. 

Citizen Worldwide Warranty Policy

This international brand offers a 3-year and a 5-year limited warranty for its watches. All automatic and quartz watches come with three years of warranty and the Eco-Drive, and Promaster watches purchased from an authorized dealer comes with five years of international warranty. 

In both categories, the first year of its warranty is a one-year guarantee from the date of purchase. The warranty covers any defect in artistry or the material of the watch. It regulates, adjusts, repairs, or replaces the watch within a reasonable period once the watch is returned during the pre-determined warranty period. You just have to keep one thing in mind is that any repair or alteration done by unauthorized technicians may void the warranty.

 In general, the company is also liable to repair any watch within 1.5 months after sending it to the service center. If the repairer thinks that he will need more time to fix the piece, the company may replace the entire watch. They may also provide a substitute watch of comparable value. Even after the completion of the warranty period, any assessments and checking of the watches are free of cost. After that, they may take the watch for repair, but the repairing time depends on the availability of its micro parts.


Cutting it short, you can trust the Citizen watches and all other products manufactured by the company. If you already own some products, help our readers to know more about your experiences and why you love your Citizen.

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