Best Clock Oil – Top Reviewed Synthetic Clock Repair Oil of 2020

Time is precious, and so is the device that helps us in keeping track of it. You can use your phone or wristwatch, but the feel of the wall clock is far different. We all have that one wall clock, which is quite old. In a way, we are conditioned to look at it whenever we wish to know the time. It is one of the most ancient human inventions that add up to the beauty of the house. It is one of the most favorite collector’s times for people who love antiques. 

Clock and its Maintenance

Being an owner of the clock makes you an owner of the masterpiece that measures time. But having it isn’t all. Taking care of it so that it functions well is also equally important. However, its maintenance is not that difficult. Any machine that has metallic parts gets stiffer with time. To sustain the smoothness, it has to be lubricated from time to time. The same is for the clock. Regular oiling can keep your time tracker work at its level best for generations. 

What is Clock Oil?

Clock Oil

To lubricate your time machine, clock oil has proved to be the best. The clock oil is made in such a way that it enhances the efficient functioning of the timekeeper and does not cause damage to any other part of the clock. The oil moistens the parts and reduces the stiffness. Oiling not only lubricates but also prevents friction and protects the surface of the clock; it protects all the parts from rusting and keeps safe for long. It also provides better stability over time and temperature. 

Of course, you wish to use the more reliable product and does not lead to any damage to your clock as you have been preserving it for years. With several products available in the market today, it is an uphill struggle to choose the best one. Take it easy. We are here to help you out with the selection process. Here is the list of best clock oils that are just a click away. 

Best Clock Oil

1. Liberty Oil for all Clocks


Liberty Oil is a 100% synthetic oil. It comes in a small 4-fluid-oz bottle with a stainless steel needle tip dispenser. It is one of the best clock oils you can ever get for your antique clock. As it is a premium quality, it easily outperforms all other oils on the market. The bottles are made of soft plastic that is easy to squeeze.


  • It is 100 % synthetic and reduces friction between any moving surface.
  • It replaces other forms or sprays and lubricants and gives the best results. 
  • It is safe to use on various surfaces such as plastic, steel, brass, etc. 
  • It is easy to use and has long-lasting effects. 
  • It comes with a stainless steel needle applicator that helps in oiling precisely. 


  • Not attaching the nozzle properly can lead to a mess. 
  • The smell is not that pleasant. So avoid bringing it close to your nose. 

2. Horace Whitlock Synthetic Clock Oil

Horace Whitlock

If you are looking for the oil that keeps your clock young for ages, then turn to Horace Whitlock’s Synthetic clock oil. It is specially designed for use in mechanical clocks to enhance effortless movement. It has been examined with more than 3,000 grandfather clocks and many models. It ensures its effectiveness and makes it a highly preferred choice of professionals and hobbyists.


  • Horace Whitlock’s clock oil. It lasts long without any slugging, thickening, or varnishing.
  • Works best for Grandfather clocks, wall clocks, and mantle clocks.
  • Apply it once, and it keeps the clock movement smooth for a long.
  • It is safe to use on steel, brass, and plastic surfaces.
  • It will not turn lacquer to turn it to vanish and is safe for all clocks. 


  • It is not recommended for outside tower clocks.
  • It is not accompanied by a nozzle.

3. Liquid Bearings Synthetic Clock Oil

Liquid Bearings

If you are looking for the oil for your timekeeper machines, then you need the one that is suitable for all. Liquid Bearings Synthetic Clock Oil is the most superior synthetic clock oil that can serve this purpose. It safeguards your clocks from all the possible harm that can rescue the life of your prized possession. 


  •  It reduces rusting in the mechanism and frees its sticky component.
  •  Due to its non-sticky substance, it helps in refusing to accept dust particles. 
  • You can use this clock oil, especially for corrosion prevention. 
  • It is scent-free and convenient to use. 
  • I can be used in other machines such as a fishing reel, guns, etc
  • It comes with 3 different sizes of a needle with the bottle to reach the right place.


  • If the nozzle is not fixed correctly, it might lead to leakage and create a mess. 
  • The bottle is made up of LDPE, which makes it soft. Be careful while pressing as it may spill over.

4. Triple Elite Liberty Oil

Triple Elite

Unlike other clock oils, Triple Elite Liberty Oil works three times more efficiently in safeguarding the clock. It coats and protects the film that disturbs the friction. It is recommended to use for cleaning and repairing all types of clocks. It fixes the clock and makes the movement smooth enough like it was when you first bought it. 


  • The triple barrier shield protects against rust and corrosion buildup.
  • The protective shield rejects dirt, sand, salt, and abrasive particles.
  • It contains superior extreme pressure and anti-wear properties that increase equipment life.
  • It comes with a 1.5 inch 18 gauge stainless steel medical grade applicator.
  • It does cause any adverse effects to any seal materials for coatings. 


  • As it works 3 times better, even a little bit is enough. More can make it greasy. 
  • If the applicator does not go along with your clock type, you may have an extra expense. 

5. Liberty oil for Grandfather Clocks

Liberty oil

The grandfather clock is something that passes from one generation to another. Due to its old age, you need to make sure that all the machinery works efficiently. Synthetic oils are the best for such ancient antique clocks. Liberty oil manufacturers understand your concern. Liberty Oil is one of the best 100% synthetic oil for lubricating Grandfather clocks; This can substitute the use of a lubricant or petroleum base. A tiny drop of oil is enough for each bushing. 


  • Liberty oil reduces friction between moving surfaces.
  • It is safe to use on plastic and does not mess up with the painted surface.
  • It is cost-effective in price and is hassle-free to use. 
  • It ensures 100 % customer satisfaction. 
  • It comes with a long needle tip, which is medical grade certified. 
  • It works on all miniature clocks. 


  • Applying an appropriate amount of oil is necessary, as even a drop more can cause slippery motion. 
  • The nozzle generally fits fine for most clocks. If the nozzle doesn’t match yours, you might have to buy one. 


Now that you have read so far, you are aware of the following:

  • Clock oil is necessary to keep the time tracker’s long life. 
  • Synthetic clock oils are better than the others. 
  • Such clocks are specially designed to enhance the functioning of the machinery without causing harm to any other part of the clock.
  • It is assured that it doesn’t decolorize or work out the material of the clock. 
  • While selecting the clock oil, it is mandatory to keep in mind the type of your clock. 
  • Do enough research to know that the clock oil is friendly to your time machine material. Any compromise here can reduce the life of your machinery. 

You can oil the clock by following the below-given steps:

1) Remove the hood of the clock to see the inner machinery.

2) Slide the outer parts slowly. 

3) Take the nozzle and place it near the hand movements hole. 

4) After placing the nozzle at the exact place, press it slowly. 

5) Apply as much needed and set the outer parts back in place. 

All the products mentioned above are best as per our knowledge and research, and we cannot select one. But as a lot of customers ask us to suggest the best one. We would love to recommend Liberty Oil for all clocks. We hope we have made your struggle to choose the best clock oil easier. If you have any doubts, you can check these products on Amazon. We wish a long life to your timekeeper because it is truly a keeper. 🙂

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