Perlon vs Nato: Which one is More Comfortable?

An appropriate and comfortable strap is an essential companion to any watch. As we generally don’t replace the entire watch, switching out the straps is an easy way to experiment with a whole new style. There are plenty of options available when it comes to belts of a watch, such as Leather, Nato, Zulu, Oyster, Rally, Tropic, Milanese, Perlon, Waffle, and many more! 

If you love to change the straps for various occasions, then it is essential to know about them. After all, the band is more visible than the dial of your watch. In this article, I am going to give a detailed explanation of two popular, but quite confusing watch straps – Perlon and Nato. Let’s have a look.

What is Perlon?

Perlon Watch

The Perlon straps are made of weaved Nylon. You may have heard about Nylon 6. Well, Perlon itself is the fancy term of Nylon 6. It is a synthetic Nylon material developed by a German chemist in the year of 1938. Since many years, this material is being used to make watch straps. If you want to invest in Perlon belts for your favorite watch, you will find that there are many different colors, styles, and patterns. 

Durable, Long-lasting, Lightweight, Flexible, A perfect-fit

The durability and its stiffness may vary from belt to belt as it depends on the way a Parlon strap has been weaved. However, it is a very lightweight and flexible strap in general. Many people love to use this type of belt for their watches as it lasts longer compared to others. There is no metal element except the buckle. You can pin or fix this buckle anywhere between the weave portion. This way, you will not find any difficulties in getting the proper fit of your watch.

Water-resistant, Sweat-resistant

Another advantage of a Perlon strap is that it can soak up the sweat or water and can also be dry out far more quickly than any other watch straps. You may have experienced that leather belts or rexine materials are not that great when it comes to getting wet. Unlike Perlon, water or sweat may damage such belts. So, the majority of people prefer to have a Perlon strap for outdoor activities or water sports. However, you have to be sure that your watch is waterproof down to 30m or more.

Stylish, Breathable, Abrasion-resistant, Inexpensive

You can easily recognize Perlon straps because of their tightly woven basket-weave pattern. As its weave composed of thick nylon-Esque threads, the Perlon straps can offer a beautiful and fantastic three-dimensional texture. The best parts of such types of belts are that they keep providing extreme amounts of breathability simultaneously, and they don’t have any predetermined holes. Not only that, but Perlon is also very abrasion-resistant. It rarely frays even if you use it regularly for a longer period than expected. They are not expensive and still able to offer a perfect summer look.

What is Nato Watch Strap?

Nato Watch

Includes rings and sections

Nato straps are a bit more complicated than the Perlon straps. Nato includes various rings and many sections to keep your watch attached to the belt and the wrist. You may find it difficult, but in reality, attaching the Nato strap to the watch is very fast and convenient. To do so, you just have to remove the old band and re-attach the spring pins. Nato generally has two sections below the watch. So, you may observe that it actually sits a little higher off the wrist if compared to any other straps.

End loop next to the watch, Lightweight, Durable, Flexible, Comfortable

Apart from it, you will also find the end loop next to the watch. This design is quite different than the other types of belts. Generally, such loops are tucked back on the straps, but when it comes to Nato straps for watches, it adds a unique element to the style. Nato is also a lightweight, durable, and long-lasting material. It is flexible and provides comfort to the users. It is made from a braiding of little nylon loops. 

Stylish, Popular, Different than others

Nato was initially developed for British Army soldiers in the 1970s. After gaining popularity among the military services during the period of World War II, the ordinary people gradually started to admire its designs, styles, features, and other abilities. This material and watch straps were in the majority of the country shops after the war. Because of many varieties, it is still popular around the world even after decades.

One-piece construction, Inexpensive

The best part of the Nato strap is its one-piece construction as mostly all other belts need two different pieces for each side of the watch. Because of the single piece, it becomes more comfortable and less time-consuming to switch or replace the strap. The Nato straps are simply woven and perfectly smooth so that they can be removed or attached within no time. The Nato stays firmly on your wrist, which makes it a perfect casual watch strap. It also fits into your budget.

Perlon vs Nato

  • Perlon straps are thinner than the Nato straps as the Nato has two sections below the watch.
  • Perlon straps don’t have any predetermined holes. They can provide you the perfect fit because of the no-hole woven material. Nato straps have pre-cut holes.
  • Perlon straps are light, deliver the crisp look, and have an elasticity that Nato may not really have at that level.
  • Perlon straps are always made of a single color, but you can get many color options for the Nato. It also includes striped color options.
  • Both materials are lightweight, durable, long-lasting, and super convenient to use. Both straps are stylish and perfect for getting any casual and sporty look.

So, what you think? Which one is going to be your favorite straps this summer? Tell us. I hope this guide has helped you enough to understand the difference in Nato vs Perlon watch straps. For more such updates, stay tuned to this website. 🙂

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